Gingival grafting, or gum grafting, is a special procedure our board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Bartlomiej Nierzwicki, performs for patients who need gum tissue added to their gum line. To improve the appearance of the gums and teeth and to reduce periodontal disease (which can cause the gums to recede even more), Dr. Nierzwicki performs gingival gum grafting in his on-site surgical suite. Some patients are referred to Millennium Surgical to have their “toothy smile” reduced, while others do it to have healthier teeth and gums. If you would like more information about gum grafting, please schedule a consultation at our Chicago, IL office.

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Reasons for Treatment

Gingival grafting is a procedure for patients with a receding gum line, where the tops of the teeth are exposed more than normal teeth at the gum line. When the gum line recesses, it opens up the tooth to more cavities, gum disease, and dental issues.

During the Procedure

In our surgical suite, our oral and maxillofacial surgeon will excise a layer of tissue from the palate (top of the mouth), and suture it to the gum line where more soft tissue is needed to protect the teeth or root. The extra tissue will grow into the existing tissue over time and create plumper gums.

Other Considerations

After surgery, our staff will give you aftercare instruction on how to care for your gums. Follow a regular brushing and flossing regime, and use an antibacterial mouthwash. If our oral and maxillofacial surgeon has special instructions regarding your care, we will make sure to answer any questions you may have. Keep all follow-up appointments with the surgeon, and continue with your routine dental checkups.


Gum recession is a common condition for adults over 40 years of age, but can happen to anyone at any age. With advanced oral plastic surgeries, like gingival graft surgery, recessed gums can be restored to plump, pink tissue with full function and a healthy appearance. If you would like to learn more about grafting surgery for your receding gums, call and schedule a consultation today.