If your dental or facial diagnostic needs include the 3D Cone Beam Scan, our office at Millennium Surgical has the technology you need for the best care. Our oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Bart Nierzwicki, provides his patients with the top 3D imaging on the market so that you can receive the correct angle and precise size of your features needed for optimal care. We are proud to offer this technology, which gives us a 360° image of your skull at our office in Chicago, IL. Many of our dental implant patients have this imaging completed so that their implants are the exact size needed for their teeth for more beautiful results. Call today for your consultation.

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The 3D Cone Beam Scan is like getting an X-ray. There is no pain associated with this imaging and it is quick. An imaging team member will produce the comprehensive imagery of your skull, jawbone, neck, and teeth in 20 – 40 seconds. The machinery has the capability to take images of your features with you sitting in a chair or laying down in prone position as it takes a 360° image. Our surgeon will then review the images, and discuss with you how to proceed with treatment.


With this innovative technology, you will have a dental and medical advantage from having a 3D Cone Beam Scan. Some of the uses for this equipment are:

  • Diagnostic images of your head and neck
  • Measures bone density
  • Magnify and manipulate imaging to see concerning areas with clarity
  • Provides specific measurements and location for the placement of dental implants


Give our office a call to learn more about this technology, and if you have any questions about insurance coverage for this type of diagnostic testing. It is very important to have quality imaging when preparing for dental implants, or for various other types of restorative or rehabilitative procedures. The 3D Cone Beam Scanner can provide you with excellent imaging for superior results.